• name
    The name of this starship. The common name, such as "Death Star".
  • model
    The model or official name of this starship. Such as "T-65 X-wing" or "DS-1 Orbital Battle Station".
  • starshipClass
    The class of this starship, such as "Starfighter" or "Deep Space Mobile Battlestation"
  • manufacturers
    The manufacturers of this starship.
  • costInCredits
    The cost of this starship new, in galactic credits.
  • length
    The length of this starship in meters.
  • crew
    The number of personnel needed to run or pilot this starship.
  • passengers
    The number of non-essential people this starship can transport.
  • maxAtmospheringSpeed
    The maximum speed of this starship in atmosphere. null if this starship is incapable of atmosphering flight.
  • hyperdriveRating
    The class of this starships hyperdrive.
  • MGLT
    The Maximum number of Megalights this starship can travel in a standard hour. A "Megalight" is a standard unit of distance and has never been defined before within the Star Wars universe. This figure is only really useful for measuring the difference in speed of starships. We can assume it is similar to AU, the distance between our Sun (Sol) and Earth.
  • cargoCapacity
    The maximum number of kilograms that this starship can transport.
  • consumables
    The maximum length of time that this starship can provide consumables for its entire crew without having to resupply.
  • created
    The ISO 8601 date format of the time that this resource was created.
  • edited
    The ISO 8601 date format of the time that this resource was edited.
  • id
    The ID of an object